Fire Detection & Suppression


For over 33years, DNL has utilized the latest technologies to install or upgrade trouble-free, code-compliant fire alarm systems. Systems that include all the components of a fire detection or suppression system such as:

  1. Control Panels
  2. Pull Stations
  3. Horn Strobes and Speakers
  4. Smoke and Heat Detectors
  5. Central Station Monitoring
  6. Automatic Sprinklers

Our in-house design experts will handle everything from code-compliant design to engineering and permits, and then certified DNL technicians will handle the installation.


Combine ever-changing building and fire codes with the limited life span of fire alarm systems, and inevitably you’ll need an upgrade. To make sure you’ve got the safest code-compliant system, you may want to consider an upgrade if you experience any of the following conditions:

  1. Complete Failure
  2. Excessive Maintenance
  3. Parts Difficult to Source
  4. New or Upgraded Elevator Installation
  5. System No Longer Meets Code
  6. Space Renovations

Along with our responsiveness, diligence and professionalism, another thing that sets us apart from everyone else is the fact that we’ve upgraded or replaced thousands of systems that were either obsolete or malfunctioning. So, if you’re looking for a team of technicians that can handle every aspect of an upgrade from design to installation, look no further than DNL .


“In accordance with NFPA standards, all fire alarms are required to be inspected and maintained by a licensed contractor. DNL takes pride in the fact that we’ve been providing this service for hundreds of properties all over the country for over past 30years.

Bring Your Building Up to Code

A required level of fire safety and property protection is necessary for all businesses and multi-family residential complexes. DNL’s team of professionals can install a trouble-free and code-complaint system at minimum cost that will protect the lives of all occupants and keep your property safe from damage. For over 30 years, we have specialized in upgrading older configurations that are no longer up to code as well as installing in new construction. This includes all the components that make up a fire detection or suppression system.

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