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DNL takes pride in the ways we’ve raised the bar for service in the industry. It’s not just how we always make you a priority. Or that we’re always there when you need us. It’s also the fact that we can consolidate all your life safety inspections and repairs under one reliable roof. So, while no system will ever be trouble-free, that doesn’t mean it can’t be worry-free.


We assist our clients in inspecting and recommending all safety products needed to accomplish complete safety


As a leading procurement service provider, we have unparalleled access to market data and next-level procurement business processes


Our training motto “Knowledge Creates Security” applies both to training our own staff, as well as the education and practical training of your staff


Our Inspections

  1. Annual and Semi-annual Fire Alarm Tests
  2. Biennial Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing
  3. Annual and Quarterly Sprinkler Inspections
  4. Fire Pump Tests
  5. Annual Fire Hydrant Tests
  6. Fire Line Backflow Inspections
  7. Five-Year Sprinkler Investigations
  8. Fire Extinguisher Inspections


National safety codes require periodic inspections for every life safety system, to ensure compliance. DNL has additional requirements to these codes:


  1. Always use experienced certified technicians
  2. Never let a system become delinquent on its inspection
  3. Always document all findings in writing,
  4. Never ever cut corners.


The way we see it, codes are more than guidelines. They protect people’s lives and there’s nothing DNL takes more seriously.

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